scrambled eggs w avacado


Palafox and Main St.
Pensacola, FL
Sue Shattuck, Betsy LeGallais, Shane Camp

1 Tbsp. Bodacious butter flavored olive oil
3 large eggs
Dash of black pepper

In a non-stick fry pan, on medium gas heat, add the 3 eggs.  DO NOT whip the eggs. Add to the pan and gently break the yolks with a rubber spatula. Sprinkle with dash of black pepper. Stir gently and constantly. Do not allow eggs to “sit” in pan. Keep them moving constantly and gently. Once eggs are “shiny” they are done. Immediately remove them from the heat to stop the cooking process and transfer them to a plate or bowl. You may add bacon, sausage, onions, peppers, tomatoes or any other preferred items to your eggs. If you do add additional flavors, add them to the pan before you add the eggs.