Jaco’s Bayfront Bar & Grille
Mark Williams


5 lasagna pasta sheets, par-cooked
Sliced fresh heirloom tomatoes, 1/8” seasoned with salt and pepper
3 (5 oz.) fresh mozzarella balls, dried and squeezed out with clean towels
8 eggs, cracked and beaten (separated into 2 egg portions)
1 ½ cup Panko breadcrumbs
Whole fresh basil leaves
10 oz. roasted garlic spread (see recipe)
1 oz. pesto (see recipe)
Salt and pepper
3 oz. tomato basil sauce

In separate batches, put 1 torn mozzarella ball, ½ cup breadcrumbs and 2 beaten eggs, dash salt, dash white pepper, 2 tsp. pesto and process in food processor. Combine all at once until all 3 batches are processed. Set aside. Lay out 5 sheets, once thawed, cut in half making 10 rolls. Spread garlic evenly over all 10 sheets. Lay basil leaves flat, do not overlap. Cover entire surface area of each roll. Lay sliced tomatoes flat, do not overlap, and cover ¾ of each sheet leaving the TOP without tomato. From the bottom (closest to you) tightly roll (not enough to push filling out) keeping edges square. When you get to the end of the roll, rub egg wash on the very end and place crease down in a 2” full hotel pan sprayed and covered with 1 tsp. basil. Once ALL rolls are on pan, brush each roll with egg wash and bake for 10 minutes uncovered. Cook rapidly and cut each roll in half. Store with rolls standing straight up and down and DO NOT CRUSH their shape.

Italian Cured Meat Bolognese:

5 lbs. shaved pork trimmings, beef trimmings and cured meat end.
2 large carrots, small dice
½ bunch celery, small dice
2 medium onion, small dice
2 shallots, small dice
2 oz. fresh oregano
2 sprigs fresh rosemary
4 oz. fresh basil
6 dried bay leaves
4 oz. fresh thyme
40 cloves crushed garlic
1 – #10 can diced canned tomatoes and juice
8 lbs. pizza sauce
1 lb. parmesan cheese
3 cups heavy cream
750ml red wine
8 oz. butter, salted
4 oz. granulated sugar
8 oz. demi-glace

Brown meat on medium high heat and season with salt and pepper. Do not drain. Sweat carrots, celery, onions, celery, shallots and garlic in browned ground beef. Add herbs, bay leaves and sugar. Deglaze with red wine and reduce mixture by half. Add tomato sauce, demi-glace and diced tomatoes. Cook over medium heat for 4 hours and stir frequently – ensure an even simmer. After mixture reduces by ¼, turn heat to medium low and add parmesan cheese, cream and butter. Once incorporated, cook for 20 minutes until a slow simmer. Remove from heat and cool to 70 degrees in 2 hours and below 41 degrees in 4 hours (total of 6 hours)

Method to Serve:

2 rolled Caprese Lasagna Rolls
1 oz. fresh basil leaves, chiffonade
1 oz. Roasted Garlic Spread
¼ oz. Balsamic Reduction
6 oz. Cured Meat Bolognese
Shaved parmesan cheese
1 slice fresh mozzarella, offset and torched

Heat rolls in a convection oven until golden brown and cheese begins to melt. On a rim deep plate, spoon roasted garlic on bottom of plate at 6 to 12 o’clock. Place 2 rolls at an angle dead center of plate. Place sauce atop the 2 rolls so it falls away from the garlic. Place basil all over plate. Drizzle balsamic reduction over entire plate. Offset 1 slice mozzarella cheese and torch until melted.Crumble shaved parmesan all over entire plate.