Gas Appliances

Cooking With Natural Gas

Did you know that nine out of 10 professional chefs insist on cooking with natural gas? Chefs prefer natural gas because it offers even heat, excellent temperature control and instant on/off settings for cooking and baking.


Today’s natural gas ranges, ovens, cooktops and grills feature high efficiency, easy cleaning and the reliability that natural gas equipment is known for. Cooking with natural gas is economical – it costs about half as much to cook with a natural gas range as with a similar electric range. Although a natural gas range may cost a little more to buy than an electric model, it will pay itself back with energy savings and years of reliable service. Many of the new models of natural gas cooking equipment use an electronic spark ignition, rather than a continuously burning pilot. This saves as much as 30 percent on energy costs.


Residential customers can earn a $200 rebate when incorporating new natural gas service into your home. Click here or call 850-436-5050 to learn more.

Natural Gas Appliances

Natural Gas is for much more than cooking. It’s an excellent source of energy for a number of appliances for your home.

• Natural Gas Water Heating
• Natural Gas Outdoor Grills
• Natural Gas Clothes Drying
• Natural Gas Home Heating Systems
• Natural Gas Whole House Generators
• Natural Gas Fireplaces and Firepits
• Natural Gas Pool Heaters
• Natural Gas Exterior Lighting

Pensacola Energy offers rebates up to $3,000 to residential customers when they add new natural gas appliances and service to their homes. To learn more click here or call 850-436-5050.