Two or more large Idaho potatoes, cooked

Cut the potatoes into discs roughly 1/2 inch

Water for eggs

1oz of vinegar for every 2qts of water

4 eggs

8oz grape tomatoes cut in half

2 cloves black garlic

1 buck of parsley, roughly chopped


Season the pan pan. When the pan is hot, place the potatoes face down. Brown on both sides.

Remove potatoes and spread black garlic on the potato and set aside.

Introduce your eggs to the water when you have tiny bubbles. 

 In the same hot pan, introduce your tomato. 

When the tomato begins to break down, add 2oz of water and the parsley.  

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Place the egg on the potato and pour the sautéd tomato over the dish. 

Black Garlic Market
Chef: Matthew Brown