Black Garlic NY Strip

Black Garlic NY Strip


NY Strip Steak



Olive Oil

1oz Beef Tallow

2oz Butter

2oz Black Garlic Mustard

1oz Water


Salt and pepper your steak generously masking sure to get both sides.

In a medium pan, add a little bit of olive oil and then 1oz of tallow.

Allow the tallow to melt. When the tallow begins to release a little smoke, just a wisp… add the steak. Make sure to lay it in away from you to avoid splashes.

Using a spoon to braise is an excellent way to have an even cook but rotating the steak works perfectly too.

When the steak is desired temp, let the steak rest. Turn off the heat from the pan and add 2oz of BGMustard.

Directly after, add 2oz of your favorite butter. If the butter is cooking too fast, add an oz of water to cool the pan and make up for and water loss.

Black Garlic Market
Chef: Matthew Brown